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About NASCO’s Rivers Database

Rivers Database

The Council first established a database of salmon rivers in 1989 and over the last 26 years it has undergone several changes. A history of the Rivers Database can be found in the Report of the Working Group on Stock Classification, CNL(16)11.

In 2016, Council adopted a revised classifications system, CNL(16)11. The Stock Classifications Score (SCS) was based on:

  • Conservation limits Attainment Score (CAS): based on available information concerning the extent to which the conservation limit is being attained; and
  • Impacts Assessment Score (IAS): based on a range of factors including: habitat degradation e.g. deterioration in water quality or obstacles to migration; over-harvest or selective harvest; diseases and parasites, e.g. sea lice; G. salaris; impacts on genetic integrity e.g. due to aquaculture escapees; or a steadily declining stock trend where the causes are unknown.

The CAS and IAS are added together to assign a Stock Classification Score (SCS) to a river.

Stock classification for Rivers Database 2016

An amalgamated version of this classification was used in the State of North Atlantic Salmon Report.

The interactive map of the Rivers Database will be available soon.