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Third Reporting Cycle

Third Reporting Cycle (2019 – 2024)

During the third reporting cycle, Parties’ / jurisdictions’ progress in implementing NASCO’s Resolutions, Agreements and Guidelines was evaluated though Annual Progress Reports (APRs). Implementation Plans and Annual Progress Reports submitted by Parties / jurisdictions can be found in the table below.


IPs for Review in November 2020
IP Review 
  2019 – 2024 2020 2020
Canada IP(19)17rev2 2020 2020
Denmark (Faroe Islands & Greenland)
Faroe Islands IP(19)23rev 2020  
Greenland CNL(19)81 2020 2020
European Union
Denmark IP(19)09rev 2020 2020
Finland IP(19)12rev 2020 2020
France IP(19)16rev2 2020 2020
Germany IP(19)11rev2 2020 2020
Ireland IP(19)15rev 2020 2020
Portugal IP(19)06rev 2020 2020
Spain – Asturias IP(19)20rev2 2020 2020
Spain – Cantabria IP(19)22rev 2020 2020
Spain – Galicia IP(19)19rev 2020 2020
Spain – Gipuzkoa IP(20)04 2020  
Spain – Navarra IP(19)14rev 2020 2020
Sweden CNL(19)82 2020 2020
United Kingdom
UK – England & Wales IP(19)13rev2 2020 2020
UK – Northern Ireland IP(19)08rev 2020 2020
UK – Scotland IP(19)10rev 2020 2020
Norway IP(19)18rev2 2020 2020
Russian Federation IP(19)05rev 2020 2020
USA IP(19)25rev 2020 2020

The Review Group

An expert group reviewed the Implementation Plans and Annual Progress Reports for each Party / jurisdiction. The IP / APR Review Group published reports of their meetings.



To strengthen implementation under the third reporting cycle (2019-2024), the Council decided that the President of NASCO would correspond with Parties / jurisdictions about their Implementation Plans (CNL(20)55). The following correspondence has taken place to date:

Following the November 2020 review of IPs, for those Parties / jurisdictions with IPs, or sections of IPs, that are still considered by the Review Group to be unsatisfactory, the President of NASCO will write again to the relevant Minister, or other nominated official. The second letter will include the November review, and request a response to include how the Party / jurisdiction will demonstrate progress towards the attainment of NASCO’s Resolutions, Agreements and Guidelines in areas where deficiencies have been identified. The intention is to allow the response to be available prior to the IP Special Session webinar in spring 2021.