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Stock Rebuilding

Stock Rebuilding Programmes

A Stock Rebuilding Programme (SRP) is an array of management measures, e.g. habitat restoration, exploitation control and stocking, which is designed to restore a salmon stock above its conservation limit.

Many stocks are presently below their conservation limits. A major factor influencing salmon abundance is increased mortality at sea. While the short-term response to a stock failing to exceed its conservation limit may be to reduce or eliminate exploitation, there will generally be a need to develop a programme to evaluate and address the causes of the stock decline. In more serious situations, there may be a need for a comprehensive programme of research and management, involving a wide range of management actions undertaken by a number of user groups.

NASCO has developed guidelines on the use of stock rebuilding programmes. These guidelines provide guidance on the process of establishing a Stock Rebuilding Programme (SRP) and what such a plan might contain. They also provide a link between several other guidance documents developed by NASCO in relation to the application of the Precautionary Approach.

Progress in implementing these resolutions, agreements and guidelines is assessed through the review of Implementation Plans and Annual Progress Reports.

Resolutions, Agreements and Guidelines