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North American Commission

North American Commission

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The members of the North American Commission (NAC) are Canada and the United States of America.  The European Union has the right to submit and vote on proposals for regulatory measures concerning salmon stocks originating in its territory.

The functions of the Commission include:

  • providing a forum for consultation and co-operation between members;
  • proposing regulatory measures; and
  • making recommendations to the Council on scientific research.

Members of the Commission:

  • take measures to minimise bycatches of salmon originating in the rivers of the other member; and
  • will not alter fishing patterns in salmon fisheries in a manner resulting in initiation of fishing or increase in catches of salmon originating in the rivers of another Party, without the consent of the latter.

A Memorandum of Understanding between Canada and the United States on Introductions and Transfers was signed in 2005 (NAC(05)7). The Parties agreed to report to the NAC annually on any decision that has an impact on the other jurisdiction, in particular any decisions made that are not consistent with the NAC Protocols are to be identified. The following documents are relevant to this Memorandum of Understanding:

The Council has adopted Rules of Procedure for the Commission (found in the Handbook of Basic Texts). NAC papers and reports can be found on the Annual Meeting Pages.

Office Bearers

G Nadeau (Canada) 1984-1986
F E Carlton (USA) 1986-1988
H Larsen (USA) 1988-1990
G Ward (Canada) 1990-1992
J-P Duguay (Canada) 1992-1996
R B Owen (USA) 1996-2000
P Tremblay (Canada) 2000-2004
G Lapointe (USA) 2004-2008
G Beaupre (Canada) 2008-2010
S Gephard (USA) 2010-2014
A Blanchard (Canada) 2014-2018
P Keliher (USA) 2018-2020
K Blankenbeker (USA) 2020-2022
I Morisset (Canada) 2022-2024
D Marsden (Canada) 2024-


R A Buck (USA) 1984-1986
G Nadeau (Canada) 1986-1988
G Ward (Canada) 1988-1990
S Tinkham (USA) 1990-1992
A E Peterson (USA) 1992-1993
C Townsend (USA) 1993-1994
R B Owen (USA) 1994-1996
P Tremblay (Canada) 1996-2000
A Rosenberg (USA) 2000-2002
G Lapointe (USA) 2002-2004
G Beaupré (Canada) 2004-2008
S Gephard (USA) 2008-2010
G Beaupré (Canada) 2010-2012
S Tremblay (Canada) 2012-2014
P Keliher (USA) 2014-2018
A Blanchard (Canada) 2018-2022
P Keliher (USA) 2022-