North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984


Council of NASCO

Denmark in respect of Faroe Islands and Greenland iceland 

All Parties to NASCO are represented on the Council.

The functions of the Council include:

  • providing a forum for the study, analysis and exchange of information on salmon;
  • co-ordinating the activities of the Commissions;
  • establishing working arrangements with other fisheries and scientific organizations; and
  • making recommendations for scientific research.

The Council has adopted Rules of Procedure (found in the Handbook of Basic Texts). Council papers and reports can be found on the Annual Meeting Pages.

Office Bearers

G Eiriksson (Iceland) 1984-1988
A E Peterson (USA) 1988-1992
B Pettersen (Norway) 1992-1996
E Lemche (Denmark) 1 1996-2000
J Robichaud (Canada) 2000-2004
K Whelan (EU) 2004-2008
A Isaksson (Iceland) 2008-2010
M Colligan (USA) 2010-2014
S Hermansen (Norway) 2014-2017
J Hansen (Denmark) 1 2017-2020
S Doucet (Canada) 2020-2021
A Peyronnet (EU) 2021-2023
K Damon-Randall (USA) 2023-

1 (in respect of the Faroe Islands and Greenland)

A E Peterson (USA) 1984-1988
S Mehli (Norway) 1988-1992
D Meerburg (Canada) 1992-1996
O Tougaard (EU) 1996-2000
E Gudnason (Iceland) 2000-2002
O Tougaard (EU) 2002-2004
A Isaksson (Iceland) 2004-2008
M Colligan (USA) 2008-2010
S Hermansen (Norway) 2010-2014
J Hansen (Denmark) 1 2014-2017
S Lapointe (Canada) 2017-2018
S Doucet (Canada) 2018-2020
A Peyronnet (EU) 2020-2021
K Damon-Randall (USA) 2021-2023
R Allin (UK) 2023-