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Scientific Research Fishing

Scientific Research Fishing

Article 2 of the Convention for the Conservation of Salmon in the North Atlantic Ocean states:

1. Fishing of salmon is prohibited beyond areas of fisheries jurisdiction of coastal States.

2. Within areas of fisheries jurisdiction of coastal States, fishing of salmon is prohibited beyond 12 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea is measured, except in the following areas:

(a) in the West Greenland Commission area, up to 40 nautical miles from the baselines; and

(b) in the North-East Atlantic, within the area of fisheries jurisdiction of the Faroe Islands.

Scientific research fishing may be undertaken in these areas on the condition that the requirements in the Annex of the Resolution By The Parties To The Convention For The Conservation Of Salmon In The North Atlantic Ocean Concerning Scientific Research Fishing (CNL(96)60) are met. The Annex requires that:

Any Party or Parties wishing to undertake scientific research fishing for Atlantic salmon in accordance with this Resolution shall deliver a proposal to the Secretary no less than 45 days before it wishes to commence fishing… The Secretary shall immediately transmit copies of the proposal to all Parties. The results of this scientific research fishing shall be made available to the Council of NASCO and to ICES as soon as practicable, including details of any catches.’

Reports of Scientific Research Fishing

Reports of Scientific Research Fishing can be found on the relevant Annual Meetings pages.

In 2020, the Norwegian Environment Agency provided a report showing the results of the scientific research fishing, CNL(20)11.