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Social and Economic Values

The wild Atlantic salmon has many aspects to its value. In addition to the values associated with the fisheries (recreational, commercial and subsistence) and to fishery-related businesses, there are other values associated with the salmon itself. It is highly prized by society in general. As far as the wider public is concerned, non-use values may now dominate the ‘total economic value’ of Atlantic salmon in some countries – with much of the public’s valuation of salmon linked to its significance as an indicator of environmental.

NASCO’s goal is to ensure that the salmon stocks provide the greatest possible benefits to society and individuals.

The key issues in relation to the social and economic aspects of the Atlantic salmon are to:

  • ensure that appropriate emphasis is given to the social and economic aspects of the Atlantic salmon;
  • strengthen the socio-economic data as a basis for managing Atlantic salmon;
  • integrate social and economic aspects and considerations in an open and transparent way into the decision-making processes within NASCO; and
  • disseminate information on the social and economic aspects of the wild Atlantic salmon in order to ensure that they are given due weight compared to other important commercial and public interests.

NASCO has developed ‘Guidelines for Incorporating Social and Economic Factors in Decisions under the Precautionary Approach’. These provide a framework for incorporating social and economic factors into decisions which may affect the wild Atlantic salmon and the environments in which it lives.

Resolutions, Agreements and Guidelines

Workshops on the Socio-Economic Values of Salmon


To support the production of NASCO’s ‘State of North Atlantic Salmon’ report, specifically the values section, a review of the literature for the period 2009 – 2019 and an assessment of changes in values was commissioned by NASCO.


Myrvold, K.M., Mawle, G.W., Andersen, O. & Aas, Ø. 2019. The Social, Economic and Cultural values of wild Atlantic salmon. A review of literature for the period 2009-2019 and an assessment of changes in values. NINA Report 1668. Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. 94pp