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UK – Scotland – Annual Progress Report Highlight

Excerpt from the Report of the Meeting of the Implementation Plan / Annual Progress Report Review Group for the Review of Annual Progress Reports under the Third Cycle of Reporting (2019 – 2024) (CNL(23)22rev):

“The Review Group welcomed the publication of Scotland’s Wild
salmon strategy: implementation plan 2023 to 2028 which sets out the actions to be taken over a five-year period to achieve the vision as outlined in the Scottish wild salmon strategy published in January 2022 (CNL(09)43 and CNL(10)51).”

The photo featured in this publication is of the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands, Mairi Gougeon, “blessing the river” to open the fishing season on the River Tweed at Kelso. Also in the image is Peter Straker Smith Chair of the River Tweed Commissioners and Tweed Foundation. Credit to the Scottish Government.