North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984

Council Documents

Doc Number Document
CNL(08)01 Provisional Agenda
CNL(08)01F Provisional Agenda (French)
CNL(08)02 Draft Agenda
CNL(08)02F Draft Agenda (French)
CNL(08)03 Explanatory Memorandum on the Agenda
CNL(08)04 Draft Schedule of Meetings
CNL(08)05 Report of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee
CNL(08)06 Report on the Activities of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization in 2007
CNL(08)07 Report of the ICES Advisory Committee
CNL(08)08 Report of the Seventh Meeting of the International Atlantic Salmon Research Board
CNL(08)09 Request for Scientific Advice from ICES
CNL(08)10 Report of the First Ad Hoc Review Group on Implementation Plans
CNL(08)11 Compilation of final Implementation Plans
CNL(08)12 Compilation of Fisheries Management Focus Area reports
CNL(08)13 Report of the Fisheries Management Focus Area Review Group – Issues and Questions for the Parties
CNL(08)14 Progress Report on Implementing a Public Relations Strategy for NASCO
CNL(08)15 Annual Reports on Implementation Plans
CNL(08)16 Liaison with the North Atlantic salmon farming industry
CNL(08)17 Report of the Socio-Economics Working Group
CNL(08)18 Report on Progress with the Development of a Database of Salmon Rivers
CNL(08)19 St Pierre and Miquelon Salmon Fishery
CNL(08)20 Summary of Council Decisions
CNL(08)21 Application of NGO Observer Status to NASCO
CNL(08)22 St Pierre and Miquelon Salmon Fishery
CNL(08)23 2007 US Emerging Threats and Opportunities
CNL(08)24 First Year Report on Actions under the US Implementation Plan – Activities in 2007
CNL(08)25 Presentation of ICES Scientific Advice
CNL(08)26 Salmon Management in the Baltic Sea
CNL(08)27 2009 Budget, 2010 Forecast Budget and Schedule of Contributions
CNL(08)28 SALSEA-North America Research Strategy for the Study of Atlantic Salmon Marine Ecology
CNL(08)29 Report On Canada’s Implementation Plan June 2008
CNL(08)30 2005 Survey of Recreational Fishing in Canada
CNL(08)31 Draft Report of the PR Sub Group
CNL(08)32 Draft Report of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Council
CNL(08)33 Focus Area Report on Protection, Restoration and Enhancement of Salmon Habitat
CNL(08)34 Presentation by Chairman of the IASRB
CNL(08)35 Report of the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Council
CNL(08)36 Press Release
CNL(08)37 Focus Area Report on Aquaculture
CNL(08)38 Agenda
CNL(08)39 St Pierre and Miquelon (English Translation)