North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984

Council Documents

Doc Number Document
CNL(21)01 Provisional Agenda
CNL(21)01F Provisional Agenda (French)
CNL(21)03 Draft Agenda
CNL(21)03F Draft Agenda (French)
CNL(21)04 Explanatory Memorandum on the Agenda
CNL(21)06 Report of the Meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee
CNL(21)07 Third Interim Report of the IP APR Review Group for the Review of Implementation Plans
CNL(21)08 Draft Programme for the 2021 Theme-based Special Session
CNL(21)09 Secretary's Report
CNL(21)10 Report on the Activities of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization in 2020
CNL(21)11 ICES Advice
CNL(21)12 Report of the Twentieth Meeting of the International Atlantic Salmon Research Board
CNL(21)13 The Future for the NASCO Rivers Database
CNL(21)14 Request for Scientific Advice from ICES
CNL(21)15 Update on Planning NASCO's Third Performance Review
CNL(21)17 Report of the Meeting of the IP_APR Review Group for the Review of Annual Progress Reports
CNL(21)18 APR Summary
CNL(21)19 International Year of the Salmon Legacy Activities
CNL(21)20 EPR Action Plan
CNL(21)21 Management and Sampling of the St Pierre and Miquelon Salmon Fishery
CNL(21)22 Terms of Reference for the Third Performance Review of NASCO
CNL(21)23 Six Tenets Self-assessments Tabled in 2021
CNL(21)24 IP Webinar Inter-Sessional Correspondence
CNL(21)25 Agenda
CNL(21)25A Annotated Agenda
CNL(21)26 Annual Progress Report Russian Federation
CNL(21)27 Annual Progress Report United States
CNL(21)28 Annual Progress Report Norway
CNL(21)29 Annual Progress Report UK - England and Wales
CNL(21)30rev Annual Progress Report UK - Scotland
CNL(21)31 Annual Progress Report UK - Northern Ireland
CNL(21)32 Annual Progress Report Denmark (in respect of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) - Greenland
CNL(21)33 Annual Progress Report EU - Sweden
CNL(21)34 Annual Progress Report EU - Finland
CNL(21)35 Annual Progress Report EU - Portugal
CNL(21)36 Annual Progress Report EU - Germany
CNL(21)37 Annual Progress Report EU - France
CNL(21)38 Annual Progress Report EU - Ireland
CNL(21)39 Annual Progress Report EU - Denmark
CNL(21)40 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Cantabria)
CNL(21)42 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Galicia)
CNL(21)43 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Navarra)
CNL(21)44 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Asturias)
CNL(21)45rev Annual Progress Report Canada
CNL(21)47 Pietrak_Genetic and Other Innovative Strategies to Reduce Sea Lice
CNL(21)48 Espmark_How to Protect Wild Salmon Against Sea Lice with the use of New Technologies and Post-smolt
CNL(21)49 Bolstad_Faster Pace of Life in Wild Atlantic Salmon Following Introgression from Farmed Escapees
CNL(21)50 Karlsen_ Impact of sea lice on wild Atlantic salmon
CNL(21)51 Nilsen_Establishing Barriers Between Farmed Fish and Sea Lice
CNL(21)52 Campbell_State of Salmon Aquaculture Technologies
CNL(21)05rev3 Revised Draft Schedule of Meetings
CNL(21)53 Lane_Progress by ISFA to promote the international goals for sea lice and containment
CNL(21)54 Sterud_Recirculating land-based systems – reducing conflicts between farmed and wild salmon
CNL(21)55 IP Review Group Presentation: IP Webinar Special Session
CNL(21)56rev Report of the IP Webinar
CNL(21)57 Programme for the 2021 Theme-based Special Session
CNL(21)58 Presentation of the ICES Advice on North Atlantic Salmon Stocks to the Council
CNL(21)59 2022 Budget and 2023 Forecast Budget
CNL(21)60 Question & Answer Session at the ICES Advice Presentation
CNL(21)62 Report of the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Council