North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984

Council Documents

Doc Number Document Date Posted
CNL(21)01 Provisional Agenda04/02/2021
CNL(21)01F Provisional Agenda (French)04/02/2021
CNL(21)03 Draft Agenda25/03/2021
CNL(21)03F Draft Agenda (French)25/03/2021
CNL(21)04 Explanatory Memorandum on the Agenda25/03/2021
CNL(21)07 Third Interim Report of the IP APR Review Group for the Review of Implementation Plans01/04/2021
CNL(21)08 Draft Programme for the 2021 Theme-based Special Session01/04/2021
CNL(21)09 Secretary's Report09/04/2021
CNL(21)10 Report on the Activities of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization in 202009/04/2021
CNL(21)13 The Future for the NASCO Rivers Database09/04/2021
CNL(21)15 Update on Planning NASCO's Third Performance Review23/04/2021
CNL(21)17 Report of the Meeting of the IP_APR Review Group for the Review of Annual Progress Reports30/04/2021
CNL(21)18 APR Summary23/04/2021
CNL(21)20 EPR Action Plan16/04/2021
CNL(21)21 Management and Sampling of the St Pierre and Miquelon Salmon Fishery09/04/2021
CNL(21)22 Terms of Reference for the Third Performance Review of NASCO13/04/2021
CNL(21)23 Six Tenets Self-assessments Tabled in 202116/04/2021
CNL(21)24 IP Webinar Inter-Sessional Correspondence30/04/2021
CNL(21)25 Agenda03/05/2021
CNL(21)26 Annual Progress Report Russian Federation01/04/2021
CNL(21)27 Annual Progress Report United States01/04/2021
CNL(21)28 Annual Progress Report Norway01/04/2021
CNL(21)29 Annual Progress Report UK - England and Wales01/04/2021
CNL(21)30 Annual Progress Report UK - Scotland01/04/2021
CNL(21)31 Annual Progress Report UK - Northern Ireland01/04/2021
CNL(21)32 Annual Progress Report Denmark (in respect of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) - Greenland01/04/2021
CNL(21)33 Annual Progress Report EU - Sweden01/04/2021
CNL(21)34 Annual Progress Report EU - Finland01/04/2021
CNL(21)35 Annual Progress Report EU - Portugal01/04/2021
CNL(21)36 Annual Progress Report EU - Germany01/04/2021
CNL(21)37 Annual Progress Report EU - France23/04/2021
CNL(21)38 Annual Progress Report EU - Ireland01/04/2021
CNL(21)39 Annual Progress Report EU - Denmark01/04/2021
CNL(21)40 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Cantabria)08/04/2021
CNL(21)42 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Galicia)08/04/2021
CNL(21)43 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Navarra)08/04/2021
CNL(21)44 Annual Progress Report EU - Spain (Asturias)08/04/2021
CNL(21)45 Annual Progress Report Canada08/04/2021
CNL(21)47 Pietrak_Genetic and Other Innovative Strategies to Reduce Sea Lice30/04/2021
CNL(21)48 Espmark_How to Protect Wild Salmon Against Sea Lice with the use of New Technologies and Post-smolt30/04/2021
CNL(21)49 Bolstad_Faster Pace of Life in Wild Atlantic Salmon Following Introgression from Farmed Escapees30/04/2021
CNL(21)50 Karlsen_ Impact of sea lice on wild Atlantic salmon30/04/2021
CNL(21)05rev3 Revised Draft Schedule of Meetings25/03/2021
CNL(21)55 IP Review Group Presentation: IP Webinar Special Session04/05/2021

Finance and Administration Committee

Doc Number Document Date Posted
FAC(21)02 Draft Agenda03/03/2021
FAC(21)03 Audited Accounts03/03/2021
FAC(21)04 Explanatory Memorandum for the Finance and Administration Committee03/03/2021
FAC(21)05 Proposed Revised NASCO_ICES MoU03/03/2021
FAC(21)07 2022 Draft Budget 2023 Forecast Budget and Five-Year (2022-2026) Budgeting Plan16/04/2021
FAC(21)09 Agenda04/05/2021

North American Commission

Doc Number Document Date Posted
NAC(21)01 Provisional Agenda04/02/2021
NAC(21)01F Provisional Agenda (French)04/02/2021
NAC(21)03 Draft Agenda25/03/2021
NAC(21)03F Draft Agenda (French)25/03/2021
NAC(21)04 Explanatory Memorandum on the Agenda25/03/2021
NAC(21)05 Annual Report (Tabled by the United States)01/04/2021
NAC(21)06rev Annual Report (Tabled by Canada)16/04/2021
NAC(21)07 Agenda03/05/2021