North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984

Council Documents

Doc Number Document
CNL(06)1 Provisional Agenda
CNL(06)1F Provisional Agenda (French)
CNL(06)2 Explanatory Memorandum on the Agenda
CNL(06)3 Draft Agenda
CNL(06)3F Draft Agenda (French)
CNL(06)4 Draft Schedule of Meetings
CNL(06)5 Report of the Finance and Administration Committee
CNL(06)6 Report on the Activities of the Organization in 2005
CNL(06)7 Report of the ICES Advisory Committee on Fishery Management (ACFM)
CNL(06)8 Catch Statistics - Returns by the Parties
CNL(06)9 Historical Catch Record 1960 - 2005
CNL(06)10 Unreported Catches - Returns by the Parties
CNL(06)11 Report of the Fifth Meeting of the International Atlantic Salmon Research Board
CNL(06)12 Discussion Document from the Standing Scientific Committee on Options for Changing the Request for Advice from ICES
CNL(06)13 Request for Scientific Advice from ICES
CNL(06)14 Report on Progress with Implementing the Strategic Approach for NASCO's 'Next Steps'
CNL(06)15 Cooperation with Other International Organizations on Issues of Mutual Interest
CNL(06)16 Report of the 'Next Steps' for NASCO Task Force
CNL(06)17 Returns under Articles 14 and 15 of the Convention
CNL(06)18 Amendments to the 'Williamsburg Resolution'
CNL(06)19 Report of the Meeting between the International Salmon Farmers Association (ISFA) and Representatives of the NASCO Secretariat
CNL(06)20 Report on Progress with the Development of a Database of Salmon Rivers
CNL(06)21 Summary of Council Decisions
CNL(06)22 Interim Report by the Co-Convenors of the NASCO/ICES Bergen Symposium
CNL(06)23 St Pierre & Miquelon Salmon Fishery
CNL(06)24 Application for NGO Observer Status to NASCO
CNL(06)25 Draft Report of the Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of the Council of NASCO
CNL(06)26 Draft Implementation Plan for Iceland
CNL(06)27 Supplementary Return – EU (France)
CNL(06)28 Draft NASCO Implementation Plan for Salmon Management in UK (England and Wales)
CNL(06)29 US Draft Implementation Plan
CNL(06)30 Draft Implementation Plan  - Norway
CNL(06)31 EU-UK(Scotland): Report of Implementation Plan for Meeting Objectives of NASCO Resolutions, and Agreements
CNL(06)32 Russian Studies of Distribution and By-catch of Atlantic Salmon Post-smolts in the Norwegian Sea in 2005
CNL(06)33 Ireland: Report of National Implementation Plans Meeting the Objectives of NASCO Resolutions and Agreements
CNL(06)34 Draft Implementation Plan of the Russian Federation
CNL(06)35 Canada’s Implementation Plan – Progress Report
CNL(06)36 Terms of Reference for a NASCO Public Relations Group
CNL(06)37 Results from Research Vessel Survey in the Labrador Sea, fall 2005 (Tabled by Canada)
CNL(06)38 Presentation of the ICES Advice
CNL(06)39 Terms of Reference for the 2006/2007 Ad Hoc Review Group
CNL(06)40 Acid Rain and Atlantic Salmon in Eastern Canada (tabled by Canada)
CNL(06)41 Scientific Advice – Assessing Genetic Effects (tabled by ICES)
CNL(06)42 Agenda
CNL(06)43 2007 Budget, 2008 Forecast Budget and Schedule of Contributions
CNL(06)44 NASCO Implementation Plan for Salmon Management in Finland
CNL(06)45 Draft Press Release
CNL(06)46 Report of the Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of the Council of NASCO
CNL(06)47 Press Release
CNL(06)48 Resolution by the Parties to the Convention for the Conservation of Salmon in the North Atlantic Ocean to Minimise Impacts from Aquaculture, Introductions and Transfers, and Transgenics on the Wild Salmon Stocks – The Williamsburg Resolution (Adopted at the Twentieth Annual Meeting of NASCO in June 2003 and amended at the Twenty-First Annual Meeting of NASCO in June 2004 and at the Twenty-Third Annual Meeting of NASCO in June 2006)
CNL(06)49 Revised Conditions for Attendance by Observers at NASCO Meetings
CNL(06)70 Statement by NAMMCO