North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization | est 1984

Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting (2020)

The face-to-face NASCO Annual Meeting planned for Edinburgh in June was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Instead, NASCO’s business for 2020 was conducted by correspondence, video conference and a small meeting in the autumn. Meeting papers were posted on the website, as usual.

Council Documents

Doc Number Document
CNL(20)01 Provisional Agenda
CNL(20)01F Provisional Agenda (French)
CNL(20)03 Draft Agenda
CNL(20)03F Draft Agenda (French)
CNL(20)04rev Draft Schedule of Meetings
CNL(20)05 Explanatory Memorandum on the Agenda
CNL(20)06 Report of the Meeting of the Finance and Administration Committee
CNL(20)07 The Future Status of the UK Within NASCO
CNL(20)08 Secretary's Report
CNL(20)09 Report on the Activities of the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization in 2019
CNL(20)10rev Report of the ICES Advisory Committee
CNL(20)11 Scientific Research Fishing in the Convention Area
CNL(20)13 Request for Scientific Advice from ICES
CNL(20)15 Consideration of the Process for Arranging a Third Performance Review in 2021
CNL(20)17 Second Interim report of the IP_APR RG for the Review of Implementation Plans Under the 3rd Cycle of Reporting
CNL(20)19 APR Summary
CNL(20)20 Proposals for Addressing the IYS Symposium Recommendations
CNL(20)21 Final Report on the Activities in the International Year of the Salmon
CNL(20)22 Decisions Required to Conclude IYS Business
CNL(20)23 EPR Action Plan
CNL(20)24 Management and Sampling of the St Pierre and Miquelon Salmon Fishery
CNL(20)26 Annual Progress Report 2020: Russian Federation
CNL(20)27 Annual Progress Report 2020: United States
CNL(20)28 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Ireland
CNL(20)29 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Spain (Asturias)
CNL(20)30 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Spain (Cantabria)
CNL(20)31 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Spain (Galicia)
CNL(20)32 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Spain (Navarra)
CNL(20)33 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Sweden
CNL(20)34 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Finland
CNL(20)35 Annual Progress Report - EU France
CNL(20)36 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-Germany
CNL(20)37 Annual Progress Report 2020: EU-UK (England and Wales)
CNL(20)38 Annual Progress Report 2020: Denmark
CNL(20)39 Annual Progress Report 2020: Norway
CNL(20)40 Annual Progress Report 2020: Denmark (in respect of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) - Greenland
CNL(20)41 Annual Progress Report - EU-UK (Northern Ireland)
CNL(20)42 Annual Progress Report: European Union - UK (Scotland)
CNL(20)43 Annual Progress Report: European Union - Portugal
CNL(20)44 Annual Progress Report - Canada
CNL(20)45 Update on Socio-Economic Issues from EU-UK (England and Wales)
CNL(20)46A Annotated Agenda for Council
CNL(20)46 Agenda
CNL(20)46F Agenda (French)
CNL(20)47 Application for NGO Observer Status to NASCO
CNL(20)48 Recommendation from the FAC to Council on the Establishment of a Periodic Projects Special Fund
CNL(20)49 Presentation of the ICES Advice on North Atlantic Salmon Stocks to the Council
CNL(20)51 Report of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Meeting of the Council
CNL(20)52 Budget and 2022 Forecast Budget
CNL(20)53 Summary of the Discussions held during the ICES Advice Webinar
CNL(20)54 Council Inter-Sessional Correspondence